Celebrating 1K International Giveaway On Our Lovely Blog....

Hello Beauties,

This is an exciting post today Beauty With Andrea recently hit 1,000 Followers and I can't thank you enough for coming on this journey with me. It's been a really tough 2 years I can't believe next month I would have been writing on Beauty With Andrea for 2 years it just means so much to have you here with me and your lovely comments have got me through some of my Darkest Days and Nights so truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read Beauty With Andrea.

I recently did a Poll on twitter where you got to choose the Giveaway that you would most like to see in this Giveaway just because each and everyone of you mean so much to me and what you think is important to me. The choices were the Elizabeth Arden Travel On The Go Gift Set or the Kat Von D Rust Quad can you guess what won ?

Yes of course the Kat Von D Rust Quad won and I am not surprised it's a great palette. I have this one myself and in my Giveaway's I only like to Giveaway products that I love to use that I know are good. If I don't like them how can I expect others too.

First Impressions On February's Glossybox

Hello Beauties,

This is going up a little later then I had planned just because I have been busy for the last week. I got this Glossybox about a week ago and I have to say I am more impressed then I was in January when I received my first Glossybox.

I feel like Glossybox have really stepped up their game and the Products that have been in the last 2 products have been so much better then when I subscribed a couple of years ago. I wrote this in the last first impressions the reason I stopped ordering boxes from Glossybox was because I felt like they were sending the same kind of products over and over and yes we have had skincare in the last 2 boxes that really doesn't bother me as I have just turned 39 and need to take better care of my skin . My new years resolution was to take better care of my skin I have been using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish which I will be reviewing very soon as I have just finished using that. I am currently using the cleanser we got in last months box UNAMI and will also be bringing you a review on that once I have used that a few more times for now back to my thoughts on this months box.

Firstly can we take a minute to see how Beautiful this Glossy Box is this month it's especially for Valentines Day and I will definitely be keeping this box for Storage.

First Ever Birchbox First Impressions February 2017

Hello Beauties,

A few weeks ago I decided to order a Birchbox for the month of February the boxes looked really nice. Birchbox did a collaboration with the stationary brand Papier.

 I really like the design of this months box you got to choose the type of box that you wanted this one or there was a blue russet type of box as well which I would have chosen. I am glad that Birchbox sent me this one rather then the blue russet box. I can use this as Storage and it will look really nice in my bedroom as it's white and will go with the rest of the d├ęcor in my bedroom.

What I got for my Birthday

Hello Beauties,

I have recently done a what I got for my birthday video for you tube and thought if you was not subscribed to my you tube channel you would like to see what I got.

I got really spoilt this year considering my birthday is only 6 weeks after Christmas I didn't expect to get as much as I did . I'm so appreciative to everyone that bought me something .

The first thing that I got was something that I had put on my Birthday Wish list . I had heard such amazing things about the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and had asked for some of the cleansing balm and got this nice lovely starter setI am so looking forward to using this and seeing if it's as good as I've heard. You get a lot of product considering it's a starter kit you get 50ML of product in the  Moringa Balm you also get the Professional Dual Action Cleansing Cloth and 15ML of Age Support Treatment Cream I haven't heard much about the Age Support Treatment Cream I am looking forward to trying it out none the less.

Celebrating My 39th Birthday

Hello Beauties,

Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile I've been so busy the last week my mum had to go into hospital for surgery so I have been looking after my mum while she recovers and then at the weekend I was celebrating my 39th Birthday with family.

 for my birthday meal my sister in law came out with me and my mum we went to this lovely restaurant in the town that I live in.

Upcoming Blog Giveaway To Celebrate 1K Followers - I need your Help deciding the Prize....

Hello Beauties,

I am going to be doing another giveaway on my blog very soon to celebrate reaching 1k followers.

I have asked every one on twitter what they would like to see more in the Giveaway.

I would love for you all to go over to twitter and join in on the poll to help me make up my mind.

I want it to be a special prize as this is a milestone I thought I would never reach beautywithandrea was created at a very low point in my life and I can never say thanks enough for all of your lovely comments they really do mean a lot to me. I thought for reaching 1k followers I would give a higher end make up giveaway but I need your help in deciding what you would like to see .
So here are the prizes I am thinking of ....

Here is the Elizabeth Arden Travel on the go set or do you think the Kat Von D Quad in Rust is a better prize?

I would love your help on this,  my twitter handle is @beautywivandrea

One of these prizes will be going in a international giveaway very soon if you would like to enter please follow me on twitter, Instagram and of course my blog as it is going to be a blog giveaway.

At the moment the people that have voted are saying that they would like to see Kat Von D Rust Quad in the giveaway the one with the most votes will be chosen for the giveaway.

What Made Me Start Blogging

Hello Beauties,

I thought I would write about what made me start blogging as I have recently reached my goal of 1K followers on the blog.