Friday, 23 June 2017

First Impressions on Deck Of Scarlet X Babs Beauty Collaboration - My thoughts

Hello Beauties, I have been waiting to bring you this first impressions of the Deck Of Scarlet x Babs Beauty Collaboration for so long now at least a good 7 weeks I thought it would never come i'm a very impatient woman when it comes to my make up.
I got a email saying it would ship the first week of June and it still hadn't shipped 2 weeks ago so I had to get in contact with Deck Of Scarlet customer services to see when I could expect my palette as I had already paid for It . Deck Of Scarlet were very nice and explained that this particular palette was in high demand and I would receive it in the next week and I woke up to the courier pressing my buzzer this morning and could not wait to write this first impressions post and do the swatches of the palette and all that good stuff.

New Accessories - A Fashion Post

Hello Beauties, I love fashion accessories especialy a good statement necklace . if you have read my last post you will see that I am running my first ever Instagram giveaway which is also a statement necklace and there are some statement rings in the giveaway which I absolutely adore I may have to get them for myself. I ran a poll on twitter and asked you all what you would like to see and a staggering 63% of you said that you would like to see statement necklaces in my giveaway which I thought you might.
The velvet choker in this post is also in my giveaway it's from topshop and it is just stunning I can't wait to wear this .

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

First Ever International Giveaway For Instagram

Hello Beauties, welcome to yet another giveaway this one is a little bit different for two reasons 1. you got to choose what I gave away I gave you the option on a twitter poll that I ran and statement necklaces came out on top with a staggering 63% and I decided to add these beautiful rose gold rings from Primark . I love everything that I have decided to giveaway in this giveaway and hope you do too.

Monday, 19 June 2017

What Made Me Sell Urban Decay Heat Palette

Hello Beauties, I decided to buy this lovely Urban decay heat palette on a whim I saw the palette over Instagram and it looked beautiful . It is a beautiful palette with lovely warm shadows when I looked at the palette though some of the shadows were very similar to other palettes I had like my morphe 35F and I have other palettes that are very similar and didn't want to just keep it just because it was a urban decay naked palette.

I almost kept it for the packaging though if you have been reading my blog for awhile you will know how much of a sucker I am for gorgeous packaging and hands down this is the nicest urban decay palette to date it's just a little bulkier then the others . It's hard plastic rather then tin that the more recent urban decay palettes have been . I actually quite like this as you can travel with it without worrying about damaging it .
Like the other palettes it comes with a generous size mirror which is always nice .

Thursday, 15 June 2017

My Every Day Bag Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Shopper - Fashion

Hello Beauties, I love my designer handbags and always wanted to own a Kate Spade handbag and so this on the Kate Spade website at the beginning of the year and I just could not resist .

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette Review - My Thoughts

Hello Beauties, this is a new palette that I got for my collection it is a lovely palette if you like to do a smoky eye you can do a lot of feline looks with this palette . As always too faced have done a excellent job with the packaging it's just stunning .

Like with all eye shadow palettes you get a card that shows you how to create different looks which I think is a nice touch. I think it's nice for beginners to have this in the palette.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Emma Hardie Starter Kit First Impressions - What I Think

Hello Beauties, I received this Emma Hardie starter starter set in February for my birthday I've been using it since april and I absolutely love it .

You get emma  hardie's award winning amazing moringa cleansing balm this is the best cleanser that I have ever used and I highly recommend it . Yes it is expensive for a cleanser but It is the best cleanser that I have used by far and your make up is removed so easily with this cleanser and that includes the most stubborn of mascara and eyeliner .